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At More Beautiful You we include Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) into the facial diagnosis technique. TCM employs the senses of sight, smell, hearing, and touch to identify the needs of the body, especially the soft tissue areas that require nurturing and healing.


Facial Reading Chart

This phase is known as “born from the heart”, observing the entire face and its features to recognize the internal pathological or psychological changes impacting the body’s organs and digestive system.


GuaSha is Traditional Chinese Technique to help relieve tension in the face, reduce puffiness and inflammation, and it can even help reduce sinus pressure.

More Beautiful You offers Spa Gift Cards, Facial Treatment Value Packages and Benefits for Memberships.  For more information, please feel free to contact us.

Facial Treatment

Teenage Facial Treatment


50 minutes

The following points are very important for teenage facial treatment:

• Clean out blackheads and clogged pores.

• Treat acne and blemishes.

• Reduce teenager's anxiety levels and uplift their mood.

Ultracalming Sensitive Facial Treatment


60 minutes

Benefits: Improve your complexion by Dermalogica ultracalming products that reduce redness, even your skin pigmentation and calm any inflammation or irritation. Also help boost your skin’s immunity and restore balance to your protective layers.

Acne Facial Treatment


60 minutes

• Targets congestion within pores, rapidly removing blockages.

• Addresses the look of acne-related symptoms, such as off-balance skin bacteria that lead to excess sebum and shine.

• Improves the look of problem skin over time with a formula suitable for all skin types.

TCM GuaSha with Lymphatic Drainage Facial Treatment


60 minutes

Highly Recommend TCM Treatment: 

• Stimulations the immune system, allowing the body to speed up its natural healing process. 

• Smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. 

• Lifting and tighten skin. 

• Decrease puffiness face and under the eyes. 

• Plump skin to give it youthful glow. 

• The lymphatic network aids in the removal of waste products from body tissue

Radio Frequency & LED Facial Treatment 


75 minutes

Special Anti- Aging Skin.  More youthful appearance without the need for a surgical procedure like a facelift and firm. Heat from a radio frequency device penetrates deep into your skin. It stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and new skin cells. 

Buccal Facial Treatment


90 minutes

Buccal Facial Massage is unique techniques that addresses a deep facial tissue and muscles to release of the neck and facial muscular spasms and knots, improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow. Buccal massage is a kneading and stretching movements inside and outside of your mouth and jaw area releasing inner tension in the cheeks, jaw, chewing and teeth clenching muscles. Including Lymphatic Drainage and Reflexology treatment. 

Benefits :

* Improve circulation

* Decrease the puffiness

* Stimulate tissue repair

* Relax tension in jaw

* Alleviates TMJ pain

* Rejuvenated appearance 

Advanced TCA Peel


1 session

Medium or more aggressive ; Brighten your skin. Diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Even out skin tone. Increases collagen and elastin Lighten unwanted pigmentation Lighten acne blemishes and prevent future outbreaks Smooth out rough skin.

Chemical Peel Packages


4 sessions


Chemical Peel / 2 sessions 

Facial Treatment / 2 sessions 

Professional LED therapy

Collagen masque

Professional Pro Pen


Packages: $799


3 sessions


Professional Nanoneedling and Microneedling are a very simple procedure that uses a hand controlled device to pierce your outer skin with small needles to create controlled skin damage. This damage to the skin will stimulate your body to produce new collagen and elastin. Freshly produced collagen can rejuvenate the skin and make your skin look younger.

Upgrades (Add-on)

Add on TCM Guasha Treatment


Guasha therapy, as a unique therapy of Traditional Chinses medicine. GuaSha can solve skin problems such as facial sagging, dry, rough skin, dark, uneven skin tone, also can effectively eliminate facial wrinkles,aging skin.  

Add on Lymphatic Drainage


Lymphatic system consists of a large network of lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes throughout the body. This lymphatic network aids in the removal of waste products from body tissue. This treatment serves as a physical manipulation of the lymph nodes, that helps speed up the detoxification process of body tissue.

Add on Eye Therapy
(Bojin therapy) 


TCM technicals ; Increases blood circulation around the eyes. Stimulates skin cell turnover. Reduces water retention around the eyes. Releases muscular tension. Lifts skin and contours skin around the eyes. Dispels puffiness around the eyes.

Add on Exfoliation Booster


Enzyme clean up with BT- Micro™ work to deeply clean and decongest pores, pushing out embedded dirt and oil with the flat peeling probe. The high speed ultrasonic and microcurrent oscillations aid the cleanser to better penetrate the skin for a deeper, more purifying clean.

Add on Dermafilling


Polish your appearance with the Dermafile, a natural, non-invasive exfoliating tool designed to gently remove the outer layer of dead cells, revealing a smooth, glowing and rejuvenated complexion.

Add on Dermaplaning Treatment


Dermaplaning is a procedure that exfoliates your skin and gets rid of dirt and vellus hair as peach fuzz.

Add on Head Reflexology Treatment


TCM technicals: A head treatment is usually given to the small muscles surrounding the head. These muscles have sensory nerves that send signals to the brain. This stimulates the brain to function better. Thus, improving attention span, memory, and the cognitive aspect.

Add on Professional LED Therapy


Each light helps target a different issue of the skin.  Red light: Rejuvenation & lighten wrinkles and acne marks.  Blue light: Calming skin & balanced secretion. 

Add on Radio Frequency LED Treatment


Special Anti- Aging Skin. More youthful appearance without the need for a surgical procedure like a facelift and firm. Heat from a radio frequency device penetrates deep into your skin. It stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and new skin cells.

Add on Neck Décolleté Treatment


Decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve the appearance of mild dark spots around the neck and decollete, improve skin firmness and elasticity, and even out skin tone and texture. Massaging acupressure point with Lymphatic Drainage neck decollete.

Add on Collagen Masque


promotes firm, elastic, and plump skin. Fine lines and wrinkles appear diminished and skin looks smoother. Collagen masks are also known for imparting a luminous glow after a single use, leaving your face looking instantly younger and radiant.


Waxing - Lips


Waxing - Lip and Chin


Waxing - Brow Shaping


Waxing - Underarms


Waxing - Half Arms


Waxing - Full Arms


Waxing - Half Legs


Waxing - Full Legs


Waxing - Bikini


Waxing - Brazilian


Brow & Lash Tinting and Lifting

Eyelash Tinting


Most people choose: deep black or deep brown, medium brown.

Eyebrows Tinting


The eyebrow color should always match your skin type, hair color and eye color.

Lash Lifting


Lift and curl to your own natural eyelashes, giving the illusion of eyelash length. Results lasting 6-8 weeks.

Lash lifting & Tinting


Lift and curl to your own natural eyelashes, giving the illusion of eyelashes length and more cosmetically pleasing appearance. +Color results lasting 6-8 weeks.

Business Meeting

Skin Consultation

Skin consultation will enable your practitioner to gain a deeper understanding of your skin.



Meeting with friends or customers.


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