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GuaSha and Facial Tendon Therapy Certification 

Training Course:  Gua Sha and Facial Tendon Therapy

( Bojin therapy ) 

Duration & Price: 

4 Hour/ Half Day — $799 (Basic course) 
8 Hour/ One Day —$13
99 (Advanced course)

* Deposit $350 (Non-refundable)


Hands-on training to learn the professional skills of GuaSha and facial tendon therapy.

  • Integrate Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) techniques using therapeutic touch to enhance beauty and wellness for yourself and other 

  • Includes: 

    • Fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine

    • TCM facial diagnosis

    • Acupressure Meridian, Lymphatic Drainage, and reflexology  massage for the facial, neck, decollete, head, and ear

    • living model for practice 

    • The GuaSha tool & Bojin stick

    • Certification in specialized techniques

    • Register early as there is limited capacity

  • Use these skills to grow your business  


*  GuaSha & Facial tendon treatment is better than ten facial treatments. 


What is a GuaSha?

GuaSha (scraping) is a holistic treatment approach of moving back and forth across the skin's meridians. 

  • A one-way technique used to condition blood arteries

  • Stimulates the meridian acupoints, increases blood flow and reduces blood stasis

  • Eases pain and has many other positive effects


What is Facial Tendon Therapy ( Bojin therapy)

This therapy combines Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) meridian expertise and Western Medicine muscle and bone research to manipulate the facial tendons.

  • A two-way flow of meridian, qi, and blood  

  • The adjustment of facial tendons in the human face regulates the energy channels through which the body's qi and blood flow. 

Payment submission through Venmo 

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