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We use Traditional Chinese Techniques and Healing Touch for ALL Facial Treatment




For centuries Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has incorporated acupressure to help restore balance. Acupressure points lie along energy channels, called meridians.


Stimulating the right pressure points connect to your brain and then connect to a specific organ associated with that certain meridian. Also helps your skin to regain its lost texture and youth. It happens because acupressure improves your skin’s metabolism and blood circulation.  

Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM)


Head Reflexology

According to the theory of TCM, the twelve meridians in the human body all connect to the head, so there are many acupuncture points on the head. the qi and blood work the whole body, resist external evils, and communicate between the inside and outside when you can play the role of massage and stimulation,  which can calm and enlighten the mind, relieve pain and improve eyesight.


Ear Reflexology

The seemingly inconspicuous ears are closely related to the meridians and viscera. also has the function of maintaining the balance of the body. It is recorded in TCM that there are 91 acupuncture points on the small ears, and the organs and tissues of the whole body have specific reflection areas here. 


Lymphatic Drainage
Face & Neck

There are three main lymph nodes on the face and neck, namely subauricular gland lymph nodes, cervical lymph nodes and clavicle lymph nodes. By massaging these parts, it can help the lymphatic flow and make the facial contour clearer, also it can be improved dullness and puffiness of the face make the lines of the face and neck more defined.

Evelyn H.

Michelle is amazing. I highly recommend her. I have had a tough time finding a place to get a good facial until I met Michelle. She has a thorough understanding of skin and is very generous with her knowledge. She taught me how to apply eye cream and massage the eye area to reduce puffiness. She also gave me a good massage in addition to the facial. I will be a returning customer based on a very happy experience.
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